Buyer Resources

If you are considering buying a home, feel free to utilize the information below and consider this page your personal home-buying resource center.

The Buying Process

Step Pre-Approval
In order to best determine the budget for your new home, contact a qualified lender to help assess how much “financial burden” you are willing to assume. The lender will review your finances and issue a formal pre-approval letter indicating the maximum loan amount that their financial institution will agree to lend. This letter is important because it will be submitted with any formal offers and ensures sellers that there will be no problems with financing the home purchase. I work with a variety of lenders and can put you in contact with the one that best fits your needs.

Step The Home Search
The initial home search will be broad as we will look at all homes that meet your specific criteria (i.e. neighborhood, school district, price). We will narrow the search as you become more knowledgeable about the criteria you deem most important. I will register you for a service that automatically delivers email updates on newly listed homes that meet your criteria.

Step Submitting an Offer
Once you find your new home, we will put together a formal offer. The offer process may go through several iterations, but my primary goal is to achieve the best price and the most favorable terms possible. Once your offer has been accepted, escrow will be opened at a title company.

Step Escrow Management
During escrow, I will arrange for the completion of any necessary inspections in order to secure the funding of the loan. If any repairs need to be made as a result of the inspections, I have a variety of qualified resources to perform any required work.


If you are considering selling a home, feel free to utilize the information below to help you get your house in "selling shape."

The Selling Process

Preparing Your Home
In our present real estate market, once your home is on the market, the first few weeks are critical. This is when most real estate agents will be exposing the property to their clients. Logically, the home should show as well as possible when it goes on the market.
It is also very important that potential buyers are provided as much information as possible to assist them in making an informed decision – one that will not be undermined simply because a relevant inspection report was not available. We don’t want the buyer to get “cold feet” or to seek a renegotiation of price because of new information not contemplated at the time of the offer. Also, we are more likely to get an “as-is” offer if the buyer has a better picture of the condition of the property via inspections.

I recommend that the following pre-sale and inspection reports be done prior to listing your property:
• Home Inspection
• Pest Control Report
• Pool Report (when applicable)
• Environmental Risk Report – Courtney performs online
• Geologic and Flood Report – Courtney performs online
• California Tax Data Disclosure Report – Courtney performs online
• Building Permit History
• Any other required disclosure forms

I offer my clients exceptional service, and will be present for all inspections. I will also prepare packets, which contain all reports and disclosures.
A. Staging
In some cases, complete or partial staging is an important part of preparing your home for sale. I work with some great companies that will completely furnish your vacant home, or bring in accessories to accent your own furniture.

B. Devise a Marketing Program
Marketing your home is a very important part of the selling process. Throughout the selling process, I will periodically report back to you with recent market activity, current marketing efforts, recommendations for future marketing efforts, and provide you with copies of advertising. I work with a marketing company and design team to create my ads, brochures, and other printed materials.
Since each home is unique, the marketing plan varies depending on the needs of the client as well as the particular home. Marketing your home will include advertisements in local papers and online at both and, which gives potential buyers 24-hour access to information.

Actively Marketing Your Home
• Submit property to the Multiple Listing Service and hold a “Broker Open House” for the Realtor tour
• Hold open houses for potential buyers (Saturdays and/or Sundays)
• Contact agents who show the property
• Ensure that prospective buyers receive reports and disclosures prior to writing offers on your property
• Revise marketing plan and pricing strategy as necessary
• As often as possible, pre-qualify prospective buyers
• Present all offers to you with an overview of price and terms and negotiate on your behalf
• Upon contract acceptance, carefully monitor the interim closing period and keep you informed on all lender, title, and other closing procedures

After-Sale Service
I assist my clients with a variety of post-sale needs such as finding a home (see “The Buying Process” detailing the step-by-step buying process). Whether it’s my amazing mover (he’s really great) or a personal organizer, I have many resources aimed at making the selling and moving process as painless as possible.